6 Month Special Tarot Reading

The 6 Month Special Tarot spread is a great layout that gives a fairly thorough overview for a six month time period.  I find it's a good reading for people who want to examine multiple areas in the near future but maybe don't have a specific issue to look at.  It's a veritable buffet of information - you get a little bit of everything.

It covers seven distinct areas, and one of my favourite elements is that it allows for the unexpected surprises life is fond of dishing up.  It's always interesting to compare the columns of 'What You Expect' and 'What You Don't Expect'; there is often a huge divide between what you expect and what you might potentially get.  This can be a key area to focus real world action in.

Here's where you can get a larger .pdf file of the 6 Month Special Tarot card spread to practice with.

Number of Cards:  21

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 1 Hour 

While there are 21 cards in the 6 Month Tarot Spread, if there is a section that you need extra clarification in, don't hesitate to deal out an extra card or two.  Always try to interpret what you have first; sometimes more is not better.

Take your tarot card deck, give it a thorough shuffle, and divide it into three equal piles.  Pick the one that appeals the most to you.  Deal out the entire tarot card spread, starting at the top left corner and working through one column at a time.

With the 6 Month Special, I like to flip all the cards over at once, to look at the entire spread and assess how each column may interact with its neighbours.

First Column: The Self

This column focuses on what is in the querent's mind currently, both consciously and unconsciously.  It indicates new emotional and mental changes, including creativity, ambition and intuition, some areas which the questioner may not even be aware of.

Second Column: What's Around You

Personal relationships including friends, lovers, family and co-workers would be covered by this card.  If the cards seem impersonal, the cards may refer to the physical home or workplace rather than the people in it.

Third Column: Dreams and Wishes

Hopes and fears are revealed in this column, some of which may surprise even the questioner.  Pay special attention to the wishes that surprise you.

Fourth Column: What You Expect

All things that are expected to occur, including previous plans, activities and events are ruled by this column.  Anything that will assist or hinder the progress of these plans will also be revealed here.

Fifth Column: What You Don't Expect

In this column, the hand of fate appears and you can see destiny in action.  Most of what appears here is a surprise and completely unexpected. 

Sixth Column: Nearer Future

This column covers future events, usually in the 2-3 month range.  I generally read each card as covering a single month.  What usually is revealed is the major theme as that month.

Seventh Column: Further Future

This column reveals event occurring in the further future, usually around the 4-6 month range.  Sometimes there will be connections between the 6th and 7th columns to show events progressing.  If there is nothing apparent, not to worry.  Just read it as it comes to you; often there is no visible connection between the immediate and further future events.

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