Cheap Tarot Cards

Cheap tarot cards, whether used or new are a great option to choose when you're new to reading tarot cards, if you want to get a nice selection of different decks together, or if you're just plain frugal.

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So where can you find tarot cards at a discount?  Whether you're looking for new or used tarot card decks, there are number of options available.  So let's look at used tarot decks first.

Used Tarot Decks

Buying tarot decks second-hand are a great way to get discount cards as well as giving new use to an old deck.

Don't be fooled by a cheap price.  Make sure you are aware of the condition of the deck and that it is complete.  Make note of any tears or bends in the cards.  

While local classifieds can be a great place to find cheap tarot cards, buyer beware.  When looking for a second-hand deck, try to source sellers that offer buyer protection if you don't have the chance to inspect the cards in person.

eBay is one of my favourite places to look for cheap tarot cards.

On any given day, there's a good selection of used and antique tarot cards at a variety of prices.

New Tarot Decks

Okay, there's cheap Tarot decks and then there's a waste of money.  Dollar store Tarot cards = junk.  In your quest for cheap, make sure to look for a deck that appeals to and inspires you.  If you buy something that's cheap that you hate to use, you're not saving anything.

While eBay cuts the mustard for used decks, it's also a good place to search for new and cheap tarot cards.


Not a great selection of brand name decks, but Discount New Age Books offers a number of cheap tarot decks. has a selection of both standard and eclectic discount tarot cards

Remember to balance your need for a discount with quality.  Connect with a tarot card deck that you'll enjoy working with year after year.

Find a list of best tarot cards here.

Look for a tarot card bag to protect your deck.

Search through tarot books to pick one best for your tarot journey.

Buy tarot cards here.

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