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When you're looking for a second opinion on an important issue and you're tight on time and cash, the free automated tarot card readings offered online can be a viable option. You're not going to get the same level of tarot card interpretation or as thorough a tarot card reading as you would with a live, flesh-and-blood tarot card reader but they still have some value.

If you are looking for a free tarot card reading from a live person visit the free online tarot card reading page.

I speak from some experience. Even though I am a tarot card reader, I've always been a little curious about whether that universal current that travels through the tarot cards could work via an electronic medium. I had some surprising results using a whole bunch of different free automated tarot card reading sites.

Free doesn't automatically mean junk and there are some sites that offer a pretty awesome variety of services for free. Others, not so much. I learned that there is a big variance in quality of card, spreads and readings offered from site to site. So here goes...

Llewellyn, the noted new-age publisher, offers a variety of tarot card decks and spreads to make for an interesting free tarot card reading. For the full review of the the Llewellyn free automated tarot card readings, visit the Llewellyn page.

The Gaian Tarot oracle seemed at first glance to be boring and basic but boy, was I wrong. It may be short on options but it was full of gorgeous imagery and generous tarot card definitions which helped create a sweetly insightful blessing of tarot wisdom. For the full review of the Gaian Tarot oracle, visit the Gaian Tarot page.

Lotus Tarot offers free automated tarot and numerology readings in addition to paid readings of both types. For the full review of the the Lotus tarot free automated tarot card readings, visit the Lotus Tarot page.

One of the oldest sites to offer free automated tarot card readings, Facade provides a large variety of online readings. For the full review of the the Facade tarot card readings, visit the Facade page.

Free Tarot Card Readings and Meanings is a big pile of nothing.  Basically it was just a link back to the Lotus Tarot website and a second page with a few half-assed links. It's included here just as in a "don't waste your time capacity".

Fourth Dimension's free automated tarot card readings are rich Celtic Cross tarot spreads done with the classic Thoth tarot deck.  For more about this site, visit the Fourth Dimension page.

Labyrinth oracle's free reading is not quite a tarot reading nor is it a rune reading.  It is, in fact a lovely marvel of hybrid joy that is so worth checking out.  To read the full review, visit the Labyrinth page.

Wejee's free tarot card readings are minimalist and to the point.  3 cards, 1 deck, no substitutions or changes allowed.  That being said, if you're in the mood for something quick, this site could work for you.  To read the full review, visit the Wejee's page.

Madame Lenormand's free card readings is one of several sites that offers identical automated Lenormand card readings.  With a number of different deck options on hand, there's a lot of possibilities here.  To read the full review, visit Madame Lenormand's page.

Full Moon Dreams' automated tarot card readings are very short and deliciously sweet.  One card packed with plenty of wisdom and cosmic juice! To read the full review, visit Full Moon Dreams' page.

Byzant Mystical gives so many options in terms of customizing their free automated tarot card readings, it seems like the answers are as limitless as the possibilities.  To read the full review, visit Byzant Mystical free tarot card readings page.

Cafe Tarot's free automated tarot card readings are available in either English or Spanish.  While there are some tarot card meanings that are lost in translation, Cafe Tarot makes a strong effort to create a reliable automated tarot card reading.  To read the full review, visit the Cafe Tarot free tarot readings page.

Spiritual Guidance Tarot's free automated Tarot card readings are definitely some of the absolute best I've experienced.  Relevant, beautifully worded and so jam-packed full of guidance, these are readings that are worth exploring again and again.  To read the full review, visit the Spiritual Guidance Tarot card readings page.

Psycards aren't traditional tarot cards but they do offer one and five card absolutely free tarot card readings.  How do these modern cards stack up for a free reading?

Visit the Psycards free automated tarot card readings review to find out more.

If there's any sites that you've visited for a free automated tarot card reading that you thought was great, the pits, or something in between, write it out below. Share your experience so people know where to get the best automated tarot card readings!

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