Queen of Coins

To gain a more complete understanding of the Queen of Coins, an overview of the suit and symbol is provided first.

Overview of the Coins

Aliases: Pentacles

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Playing Card Suit: Diamonds

Class: Merchants

Rules: The Physical Realm (Wealth)

The Coins controls issues in the physical world. It is a very practical suit so the meaning of each Tarot card may focus on family, money, health and home. Connected with the element of Earth, this suit rules the Zodiac Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

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The Coins is the Tarot suit most often connected with issues related to money and wealth. It's a material world, and the Coins wants to remind you that you are a material girl (or boy).

Practical and earthy, The Coins can also influence physical issues beyond finances.

Issues about work, particularly those relating to salary, promotions or benefits, will be affected by the clink of the Coins.

If it's related to security and sensuality (we're talking in the physical sense here) then you'll start to see the influence of the Coins.

When learning the meaning of each Tarot card in the Coins suit, remember that the other suits near to these cards, as well as the placement in the Tarot spread, will confirm, magnifiy, lessen, or alter their meaning.

Synopsis of the Queen

The Queen is the essential feminine symbol in the Tarot deck but like the King, can refer to persons of any gender.  The Queen is a complement to the Kingand indeed, represents strength and control in its symbolism as much as the King does.

With Queen, we are reminded of how the essence of life is ongoing in a never-ending cycle of birth and death.  There is a constant ebb and flow of all energy and the Queen seems to have her finger on the pulse of it

The Queen is every mother, the mother we all are as well as our own mother.  She suggests that throughout life, we are in a constant process of rebirthing and recreating ourselves.

Queen reminds us that while other people may have given us our start in life, we bear the responsibility for who we choose to be, regardless of our birth and early life.

Embody the Queen and provide yourself with whatever you require to nurture and thrive.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning:

The Queen of Coins is a kind and warm lady, long connected to all types of luxury including rich food, expensive clothes and elegant homes.

Her appreciation for the finer things in life often connects her with art history and antiques. A practical and grounded friend, the Queen of Coins is in her element in any type of crisis.

In relationships, her sensual nature is as open as her deep feelings but she sometimes needs her partner to have wealth to feel secure.

The Queen of Coins' stability is attached to her environment - as such, she dislikes noise, dirt or hardship in general

Her common sense is a great help in business and her drive to create order will make her an excellent manager in any area.

She can work hard in less exciting jobs if she feels they will benefit her in the long term.

Reversed Tarot Card Meaning:

When the Queen of Coins is reversed, her practicality has the better of her and every area of her life is ruled by material possessions.

Her insecurities have led her to become selfish and hard and greed rules. 

She may spend freely upon herself with little concern for others around her. 

She may even stay in a poor relationship for money.

In business, she is often overly-ambitious; her upward climb is motivated solely by money and future gains.

She only has people around her that are useful, and a solid bank-balance is more valuable than a friend would be.

Ambition drives her to success but personally, she is alone.

Tarot Card Keywords:

supportive, practicality, luxury, warm-hearted, financial stability, long term gains, greed, selfishness, gold-digger, overly-ambitious, money over friends, calculating, rewards and treats, indulgences, time to enjoy a treat, indulgence after working hard, self centred 

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